Epson R3000 black ink nozzles shooting blanks

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Re: Epson R3000 black ink nozzles shooting blanks

Kurt Sonderegger wrote:

Thanks for the reply Bob. This morning I did another nozzle check and still nothing. I checked the ink level in the PK cart and it was fine so not knowing what else to try, I did another head cleaning and all but a couple nozzles were firing now:-) I did a second head clean and everything is back to normal now. I don't know how I could have had that many nozzles actually clogged with ink and I suspect it did have something to do with losing prime or getting air into the lines. I haven't had to do a head cleaning for many months now and maybe enough grime had collected to cause this problem. I'll probably never know but I am a little gun-shy about switching the black inks now. Fortunately I am using Inkjetcart inks and so the ink usage to do head cleans doesn't hurt so much.

Thanks again for the reply.


Yes, shounds like air and not actual clogs.

I state this all the time.....this is the dumbest design in Epson printers where the MK and PK blacks need to switch, Epson could have easily incorporated another set of nozzles on the print head as it does with other printers (ex. R2000) so you don't need to switch blacks and purge.  I'm like you and really never use MK, I know my MK is going to clog in the lines so I will most likely never switch from PK to MK for the life of the printer as I don't want that old clogging MK ink to ever flow in the print head.  I rarely print on matte paper and when I do I use my PK with very good results.  I'm using Cone resin encapsulated inks so the PK may be more forgiving on matte paper than the OEM PK ink.

Bob P.

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