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Re: Thanks for continuing the myth...

cmvsm wrote:

Cupcake? Nancy? What are you, an anachronism from the 1930's? I've seen your kind in this forum many times, where you think that you have to spend a ton of dough, or select the highest spec'd gear, in order to come up with an effective tool for photographs. Anything less, is condescendingly deemed a 'toy', with an assumption that the owner has no clue about what he/she is doing. Sums you up pretty well doesn't it Abercrombie? Surely you know that term....

Oh, and don't stay awake at night worrying about what pics I have posted on this forum. I know you arrogant types like to show everything in your portfolio....

LMAO.  Once again, you have NO CLUE what you're talking about.  You don't even know what gear I actually own.  You DO know what they say about "assuming", yes?

Let me clarify this for you, and pay attention this time:

I used the term "toy camera" to provoke response, which you fell for.  As well, you missed the point, so I'll spell it out for you.  It is EXTREMELY common on dpreview to see people needlessly defend their gear, which was the case with the poster that I replied to.  My use of "toy" was to underscore that point.  It has nothing to do with photography.

Oh, and "Abercrombie" is about as close to the diametrically opposed accurate description of me as one could get.

Now move on, kid, you're bothering me.

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