Need advice on upgrading from my Panasonic

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Re: Need advice on upgrading from my Panasonic

Yes, the D5100 is a great camera and is especially nice for the price, it performs well in low light - you would absolutely notice the difference in your images shooting in dark places as you do.
The other thing to consider is the lenses you will want, as I'm sure you may know this makes a huge difference to how easily and how well you can capture images in these kind of low light situations and of course in general. I don't know the Nikon lenses very well, but its a safe bet to get a 'kit' lens with the camera because they are cheap and useful everyday lenses worth having for the minute cost, and I would also strongly recommend getting a prime capable of wide apertures of f/1.8 or so. A 50mm or 85mm would probably be a safe bet for photographing musicians on stage - but this really isn't the sort of thing I have experience with so I'm sure someone else here can better advise you on this.
Good luck and happy hunting!

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