Pastry Gun = Expelled

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Re: With all due respect

Chato wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Face it.

We have come to the point where otherwise normal and rational people get hysterical whenever the word gun is mentioned, or whenever anything even resembles the form of a gun.

And they say the NRA people are crazy?

Do any of you progressives ever find your own over-reactions to things a little disturbing? Can you possibly be so detached from reality that you can't see it

Is there anyone on this board defending the actions of this teacher? Left, Right, or Green Martian?

It would appear, that in this case, the "Choir" consists of all of us.

Dave, it is a valid point.

None of the normally goofy progressives here have defended the teacher. But I also don't see very many condemning her either. They are sitting this one out, which seems to be like a pretty sensible thing to do. All of you need to be commended for showing such admiral restraint.

However, we both know that this teacher will not be sanctioned for this, because the current progressive fad is to react with hysteria whenever there is a perceived breech of political correct behavior.

This means that we now a culture where it is perfectly acceptable to overreact when:

  • a child points a finger at another child (mimicking gun violence!)
  • a small boy teases a small girl (sexual harassment!), 
  • anyone says Merry Christmas in school (violating church and state separation!)
  • a adult affectionately hugs a child (sexual abuse!), or 
  • when children fight among themselves (bullying!)

Overreaction is SO ACCEPTABLE by progressives that is is more likely this teacher will be commended rather than censured. Because at least she meant well, even if she was 100% wrong.

She might even end up winning the Teacher of the Year Award for proactively protecting her students from gun-like objects!

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