Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Wyville wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

And the E-7 is not a camera that will be made to sell the 4/3rds system to new comers anyway, if it comes to exist- just like the E-5- a nice perk for those of us who have 4/3rd lenses and want to continue to use that system.

I use a Canon 7D, 17-55 EF-S and 100-400L, which I find a great setup. Recently though I have had a second look at Olympus and actually think the 4/3 system might be able to compete very well if positioned right. (I'm a natural optimist.)

My point of view is that of the wildlife/bird enthusiast, and what I hear a lot is people wanting a high performance crop camera to provide reach. The 7D does that pretty well, but Canon's new tele primes are extremely expensive and fully focussed on professionals.

With the sensors being developed for high end m4/3 cameras like the E-M5, it might be possible to develop (in parallel) 4/3 cameras that offer the extra AF speed, tracking and buffer that could draw in enthusiasts who are looking for a more compact, high performance, and less expensive alternative to Canon and Nikon.

At least, I would be interested in that. Sooner than spending $10k on a 500/4, I could see myself buying a 90-250/2.8 or 300/2.8 and a high performance 4/3 camera to replace my current setup. Relatively compact, very versatile and great reach. I don't know for sure, but to me that would seem like a very nice wildlife/bird option. Olympus could even make a nice compact 300/4 lens and give their cameras AF at f/8... Now that could really hurt Canon and Nikon.

Just my two cents.

Well, I and many others agree with your two cents, but not only for the 90-250, but also for the 50-200 which is f3.5 at 200mm which is pretty good for the lenses pricepoint. Combined with the EX20 I have seen some lovely macros shot with it as well.

Olympus to my mind has 2 challenges, either they need to bring the E-7 level camera down to around $1300-$1500 Or they need to add value, such as you mentioned f8 focus points, better video and connectivity and some other cool abilities... You know one I wish for, is using this new IBIS to do tilt and shift movements!!!! which would be very very cool.

Of course releasing a 300mm f4 and a 100mm macro would also do wonders for the system, especially if they made them fully CDAF compatible so you could use them on both systems with the simple MMF3 adapter.

There are a lot of options Olympus has to "get noticed" again. I recently shot a video of my son at 150mm (300mm in FF) at his swimming lesson, the video is smoooooth with no handshake, the IBIS is a real selling feature, and incredibly innovative.

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