Urgently seeking help concerning Mail attachments

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Same Issue

Edymagno wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

Edymagno wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

I did read your posts, I even responded to your second post in this thread where I recommended exactly that: Compose e-mails in plain text. Since the Apple discussions thread you linked to did not discuss this option, I am wondering whether the solution you found is just another implementation of my earlier advice or if it is a better solution.

Sorry, I missed your name on your first post. I need to say that my computer knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. Your directions were not clear to me, sorry.

Just curious, what part of "use the command in Mail.app Format -> Make Plain Text (cmd-shift-T)" was unclear to you? In the thread I had linked to, it also seemed that people did not follow my advice, so I am really interested what people might not understand in that advice.

Hi noirdesir:

Like I said, most likely I was lost in translation with a terrible flu and it seemed confusing to me. However, this time, I had to read carefully this very message a 2 times to realize that I had to go to Format and look for a command in there. The other advice I used, for some reason was totally understandable. Boom, there! Right in front of my eyes.

I just followed yours and found the command but it is in grey (non active) saying in spanish: "Convert in text with style". My guess is, this is because the text I wrote in Terminal.

Now that I did it, it looks ridiculously simple. As it happens in life always. I can't answer for other people but I think it was completely my bad, not yours.

If you want my opinion, an advice is more efficient when it guides people "by the hand", like children (lol). Things we've done before become very simple. New tasks usually are the opposite even when they are plain down to earth simple.

Best regards and thanks so much again.



I sympathize.  I encountered the same problem with photo attachments, and it is very frustrating.  I am a relative newcomer to Macs and not very knowledgeable, but this is the first time that I have encountered a Mac feature that seems idiotically implemented.

I started an earlier thread on this and a number of people, including Noirdesir,  made very helpful and logical suggestions, but none of them worked.  I still cannot reliably send photo attachments, which is ridiculous.

I would like to try the suggestion above, but I have never used Terminal, and I have no clue about what would happen if I typed in something incorrectly, so I am apprehensive about trying it.

Noirdesir is obviously quite knowledgeable.  Unfortunately, he cannot refrain from insulting you if you imply that his advice didn't work or that you didn't understand something.

Good luck and best wishes from a fellow newcomer.


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