K-01 -- best APS-C IQ for $1000 less?

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Re: K-01 -- best APS-C IQ for $1000 less?

jon404 wrote:.

Do you think it's possible to successfully sell fairly expensive cameras -- like from US $1500 to $3000 -- just over the internet, like from Amazon and with sites like this for reviews and user comments?

Sure it's possible, that's exactly what's happening at this very moment and why many B&M stores are disappearing. From personal experience, I dropped around $7k on my D3 setup 5 yrs. ago sight unseen and based solely on its excellent reputation in reviews. I had no choice as I live in BFE and there's no pro-level shops for 500 miles around here. Did the same for every major camera purchase since, and I'm far from alone. BH, Adorama, Amazon etc. are doing just fine moving expensive goods over the internet and it's not slowing.

One thing I have to add, and I realize it's simply a personal opinion, is I think the whole emphasis on ergonomics and "hold it in your hand before you buy", thing is a bit overrated. People harp and harp about this on forums all the time, but I've never had a camera I couldn't use because of ergonomics, imstead they all just took a bit of time to get comfortable with, and that's it. My current kit is multi-brand, both analog and digital, and multi-format and I can use all of them equally well and interchangeably. Now, that could be a personal talent of mine perhaps, but I seriously doubt that I'm that gifted. I think in reality, anyone can get used to anything if they just invest the time.

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