Panorama, Polarized. Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania. Panasonic ZS19

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Re: Panorama, Polarized. Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania. Panasonic ZS19

David Nall wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

I just got back from Tasmania, thought you might like this 2-shot Panorama:

Hi Erik. This is beautiful. I own the same camera that I keep in my shirt pocket. It is a fantastic little P&S. I think this deserves a little horizon adjustment as it is distorted and not quite level. I probably would clone out the blue thing in the bottom left corner. Great colors.

Is that some sort of man made erosion protection in the foreground?

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Thanks, David - and you are quite correct - the horizon IS a bit "lumpy"!

I suppose I should have waited a bit until I was over the effects of 36 hours in airplanes and airports, in fact this morning is the first time I've actually felt "normal"! Yesterday I couldn't remember what day it was 

The poroblem is easy to fix - the left-hand shot was off level and I didn't notice - so PSE8 couldn't quite line things up. I'm usually more careful.

No, no artificial man-made erosion control - that is the (locally) famous "Tesselated Pavement", an natural ledge of rock which has cracked into blocks and eroded in such a sway that it looks artificial even close-up:

Notice on the last one that it looks more artificial close-up. Apparently the concentrated saly at low tide makes the flat depressions next to the cracks - a unique place!

Thans for your interest!


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