D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: D600, 6D at ISO6400

aftab wrote:

I am not very keen on tests these days. When comes to IQ, all modern cameras are very good, the difference is minimal, pixel peeping and testing are pointless and mostly academic IMO.

Then I saw quite a few people are interested in 6D and D600's low light performance and thought I would test these cameras at ISO6400 and share them here. Didn't try them at higher ISO because if you were going beyond ISO6400 you were living dangerously, no camera is that good. Anyways these are my findings for those who love looking at 100% crops.

All RAW. Converted to JPEG in LR4. Color NR set to 25, Luminance NR and sharpening 0. No other changes in LR. Pictures were then opened in CS5 to reduce D600 files to the same size as 6D.





These were taken in late afternoon, light coming through one window. Used 24-70 V2 for Canon and 24-85 VR kit lens for Nikon. Then I waited for sun to go down, turned the light on and changed Nikon lens to 14-24/2.8.



Difference is not great, but 6D definitely shows less noise in each example.

D600 also looked softer in each example, but that could be due to the lenses or focusing error by the cameras. 6D also looked slightly brighter.

Although both cameras were very good at ISO6400, if I had to pick a winner that would be 6D. You can click on 'gallery page' or on the pictures to look at full sizes.

Of course, that's not what DXO says. 6D scores 2340 and D600 2980 for low light performance. It seems that they know something (Canon is color blind, for example) that I don't.

It is amazing to see a camera so good at shadow lifting shadows (low noise floor, read out noise etc) falls behind the competition in high ISO performance (even if marginally).

I'd give the edge to the 6D but that is a matter of how you look at the pictures. Point is that these newer full frame cameras are doing very well in regard to noise as compared to older models. Low noise is my priority and most of these cameras do well.

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