Wacom Intuos5 MED in a Vera Bradley Laptop Sleeve?

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Re: Wacom Intuos5 MED in a Vera Bradley Laptop Sleeve?

Toermalijn wrote:

SewSweet wrote:

In case anyone else is remotely interested, I decided against the laptop sleeve. I think the fit would have been too snug and there wouldn't have been much protection or room for accessories in the bag. So I ordered the Laptop Portfolio which fits up to a 17" laptop and looks more structured and padded. It also has a customization bar so since the Wacom tablet is a little smaller, I can scoot the bar next to it to keep it from sliding around. And from the looks of it there will be a nice little extra space for the cord and pens, etc.

I plan on taking my Wacom to work with me every day (but also want to use it at home) so I'll be toting it around quite a bit and wanted it to be safe. I'll post photos when the bag comes in case anyone else is interested!

Go to the wacom website. I think they have stuff in the store for the wacom 5 to put in for traveling around.


Or find a nice pelican case that will fit your wacom.

something like this:


Yeah I saw the available cases Wacom offers and they aren't for me, and I didn't like that there were no handles on the medium sized one. The pelican I am sure does a great job of protecting but appear too "industrial" for my taste. I just wanted something a bit more fun looking since I have to lug it around with me everywhere.

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