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Re: cheats and liars can go to hell (chuckle)

YOu can't have it both ways...complaining that the photography business isn't profitable and then saying $100/hour isn't profitable enough.
yes, a $500 wedding seems ludicrous...but PER HOUR it's not bad IF you literally shoot and burn.
Go do a 5 hour wedding and burn the cards to a disk/USB drive and hand it to the bride before you leave.  $90/hour. Done deal.
I get an avg of $2700 a wedding- 22 hours of work all told and $400 in products more or less. $110/hour.
I know a few photogs that get $3500-4k for a wedding - with 2 full shooters and full editing on every file - 20-30 hours of editing. So this is now 35 hours more or less - $100/hour.
A sports league can pay more, some portraiture can and some may not.
I've got a dr's shoot today and have done events and a few other 'commercial' jobs -my goal is $125/hour. Reality is $100/hour for onsite plus $25 travel and $65/hour for editing - and I get work and it's growing. Fill in the weekdays. Not as profitable as sports leagues, per hour, not as fun as HS seniors. But until I get get enough of ONE segment I have to do everything.
I don't think I'm expensive. Call any repairman - cars, furnace, appliance, maids even and you'll find they charge $75-100 an hour as well.
We should round up all the babysitters and teenagers mowing lawns with daddy's riding lawn mower and pitch a fit because they aren't filing taxes (even if they would get it all back). I just can't get that riled up because some kid down the street is shooting in his basement for cash and not filing taxes (that he'd get back anyway). There's bigger things in life for me to worry about.

They DO get that money back and I doubt any babysitter is making more than a few hundred a year. They are not TRYING to run a business and compete with Kindercare.
The kid with a snow shovel or dad's mower isn't trying to compete with ChemLawn and the like.
SuzyQ with a camera IS trying to compete wtih legit businesses.  I've never heard a teen say " i'm better than (insert pro here) and few if any do advertising.
The 6 photographers that have displays/ads/handouts over at the local pizza shop, have websites, biz cards - they ARE running a business and need to play by the same rules as every other business entity.

Teh part timeers won't get ANYTHINg back - first, they'll not get back sales tax (so they've got a 7% bump in income/reduction in expeses compared to me right there).
Most don't make a profit - if they had to keep the books - but they run it more like a hobby (as defined by the IRS) so they'll declare their income but not their expenses - so they'll pay more taxes. This is whey they don't claim the income in the first place!
I too say 'work the system' - but cheating the system? Sorry, nope. Not paying your taxes is the same IMO as stealing gas out of the local police car - you're taking money out of the gov't pocket and putting it in your own.
If you sneak something past a cashier at a store that is stealing, yes? So if you sneak income past the tax man how is that any different? IT"S NOT!

I fixed cars, sold cars. Back in 1990 a good tech would make $40k at a car dealership. A good salesman $100k. A good finance guy $150k. I don't know today's numbers but I bet the ratio is the same. I made more selling cars than turning wrenches at a dealershiop, and indie garages pay a lot lot less to their mechanics.
The guy that sells the oil or the engineering job makes more than one engineer. Sales always pays more and you don't need the education to do it. (not that it doesn't require skills of course)

Explain this 'niche' please...
The only way to make a living in my area shooting one thing is to be shooting about 60% of it. There isn't enough market in any one area for 5 photogs to split up and succeed - so you dominate or die. Since nobody is really do a bit of everything.

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