Sony NEX-5 Upgrade

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Re: Sony NEX-5 Upgrade

I'm in a similar situation but have solved focus speeds in these ways:

  • LAEA2 + a-mount Sigma lens.  Works a treat but you'll need a second battery - it eats them!.  It's more accurate focus but in good light at about f5.6 it's not always faster focus.  The NEX-5 is better than I realised though I didn't get any of the more expensive but faster to focus SSM/HSM lenses.
  • SEL35F18 - at f1.8 it works great in all sorts of situations.
  • SEL16F28 - superb "point and shoot" lens.  I really just snap it on and fire away and get great shots.  Can't wait for the 20mm
  • Manual focus, especially with legacy lenses.  With a little practice and focus peaking on this is easy and pre-focusing on specific points with any lens sorts issues around AF speed.  I also always use the fastest multi-shot mode and at 7 shots/sec I can wind the focus through the subject to get at least one good shot when I'm not sure.  I just delete the rest.
  • Using fast e-mount lenses in general with AF tracking on - it really works.  I have nice shots taken with the Sigma 30mm of my kids on scooters with separation of the background and the wheels in motion but the kids are perfectly still.  The Sigma's a great lens for this (in fact, it reminds me that it needs an outing sometime soon :)).

The short story is that I haven't needed to upgrade yet.  It doesn't mean that the newer models aren't a lot better but before spending hundreds of pounds upgrading I think I'll add the new 20mm and/or a fast a-mount lens.  Now that I have the LAEA2 a 24-70mm f2.8 will be plenty for almost any situation where I need PDAF if that becomes a limiting issue.  So far it hasn't though.

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