The obligatory what lens thread...(Destination: Spain)

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Re: The obligatory what lens thread...(Destination: Spain)

damoclesnz wrote:

I know these threads pop up reasonably frequently but I'd appreciate some input please.

I am heading to Spain for two weeks (Madrid, Segovia, Toledo and Salamanca) and I am trying to work out what to carry.

I have a 6D, 17-40L and 24-70 2.8L Mk2 which I think are a given.

I also own the 100 2.8L Macro, the 50mm 1.4 and the 70-200 F4L/IS.

The 50mm is fast but the images from it have never really impressed me. I'd like the Zeiss equivalent but after buying the 24-70 and 6D funds wont allow.

I'll take an Oly OMD with 20mm pancake for wandering the streets at night and for when my back needs a rest.

Do you think I would get much use out of the 70-200? I can envisage the macro being useful but I want to limit myself to 3 lenses. I'll probably also take a 430EX flash and small tripod

Any tips, hints or advice welcome

First, sorry for my poor English!!!

Glad to know you are going to stay in my country for two weeks!. Nice Cities. Perhaps you must consider to visit Valencia this month, specially from Friday 15th to Tuesday 19th you can see our Fallas.

If you want to stay here only one day, you can travel from Madrid to Valencia in AVE (high speed train) in only 1,5h and return to Madrid on the same day.

If you have enogh time, you can visit the Valle de los Caidos but, you must visit before La Granja de San ildefonso on Segovia and El Escorial on Madrid.

About lenses, i think that  17-40 and 24-70 are necessay and would leave 100 macro at home. I think you can take pretty night shots hanheld with your 17-40 and your 6D (it has a good high ISO) so i also leave the tripod and the 50 1.4 at home.

70-200 is difficult to say...but for me it has less sense than the other lenses.

Hope this help

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