D800 or D4 : Family Vacation

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Fuji X-Pro 1 For Vacations

I've carried a whole kit of lenses, tripods, and computers on vacations. That's a real pain lugging all that around and not to mention the fact that I'm paranoid about theft. In some places,its not safe to even leave them in your hotel room.

If I had the money, I would travel with a Lieca system. You can put everything in a small bag, most people wouldn't even give it a second glance and the images outstanding. The second best choice is the Fuji XPro-1. it has the same criteria as the Leica and at a fraction of the cost. You end up with lens choices, compact size and a dorky tourist look with your point and shoot. Some might event mistake it for an old film camera. Who shoots film anymore. That's not worth steeling.

The D800, 700, and especially the D4 are like magnets to the average guy and especially those interested in acquiring one. It's far easier to travel with an old style film camera where no one would be interested in.


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