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Re: Question for Timur Born (or others)

Thanks for replying to my query. I really appreciate it.

I have just a couple of questions at the moment, but may have more in the morning (nearly bedtime here in HK)

I agree that there is no single setting which encompasses the complexity of the X10, and my objective is to find a few standard settings which will handle the main situations I shoot, as well as a good all round option, which, although not the best will allow me to take quick shots when that quick once off opportunity occurs.

Good light not too high DR (in my case lots of shots taken 'on the water from a small boat') is one of these standard categories. Your suggestion of L, iso 100, DR100 sounds perfect as I may need to crop significantly and need the large/high res image. Higher iso gives a problem as already I am often running into overexposure problems (I would normally shoot Shutter priority as Aperture limits A/S combinations too severely). What I am not too sure about is your advice to shoot JPEG only. Does shooting JPEG+RAW alter the characteristics of the X10 in this mode? I would rather have the option keeping both images and of using LR and trying to recover highlights, or possible get better results with a future RAW converter (I don't know if we will ever see a new converter now that the EXR series is being replaced)

I do see bright light high DR situations quite a lot so it would be a second category. Your examples of M with different ISO and DR are quite dramatic. Clearly iso400+DR400 gives the lowest noise and highest DR (thanks to pixel binning?).  (Counter intuitive as you would expect iso 100 + DR400 to have lower noise) However, iso 400 may give me overexposure problems in bright light so maybe I need to use an ND filter?

So, I could have two options sorted out with your help....good light normal DR (L, iso 100, DR100)...good light high DR (M, iso 400, DR400, ND filter)

Now I need to look at the low light options, and my 'do it all' settings. Any suggestions?

Incidentally I have not upgraded to firmware V2, so leave the function button set on iso, and the RAW button set on DR, with JPEG + RAW set all the time. Seems much more usable than the V2 screen which needs a second selection to get anywhere, although lots of folks like that as it is easy to get to other (in my mind) unimportant options.

Many thanks for your help...I hope I am not wasting your time with stupid questions

good shooting


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