17-35 Focus ring slack

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17-35 Focus ring slack

Dear all,

I purchased on ebay a 17-35, which turned out to have a serious focus ring slack.
The ring will turn a little before engaging the zoom (a few degrees), as if tolerances in the internal gearing/helicoid had increased. I turn the ring a little, and nothing happens. I turn it further, and the zoom engages.

Is it a sign of a huge coming problem already here or coming, or of heavy abuse?

The lens, given its age (is a pre-2006 series) shows some little marks, but nothing serious. And the lenses are perfect.
Also, it seems to behave exemplary as to performance: autofocus is swift and silent, no whines at all (my old 28-70 used to whine very, very rarely). Sharpness is very high, and CA extremely low, sure signs of a lens that is very well centered and within tolerances.
I am no expert of AFS lenses (owned only two 80-200 AFS, one excellent and one merely very good, and 1 28-70 slightly disappointing), but this level of performance reminds me of my very good 80-200.

So, am a little at a loss.
This is the sharpest 17-35 I have tried (tried other 2, belonging to collecting owners who keep them in LN condition), and they were not this sharp, while exhibiting also more pronounced CA around high contrast borders, similarly to my 28-70. This seems much better optically, even wide open... and yet, the ring slack gives me the creeps...

Anyone here with a suggestion, or having ever experienced something similar?

Thanks all,

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