Can I live with the X100s as my only camera?

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Jorste wrote:


I have been into photography for some years now. I started as most other people with a simple Canon P&S and last year I ditched the Canon to get a Sony A57. First of all, I love the camera, however I find it too bulky and heavy for my casual trips and travel photography. I often find myself taking photos in the streets and some landscape. I also travel quite a lot with family and friends, and it is important to me that I can capture all those special moments with as good image quality as possible.

The last couple of months there has been a growing tendency for me to bring only the crappy old Canon Ixus 75, because I don't want to be lugging the heavy DSLR.

So my question is: Can I really live with the X100s as my only camera? What kind of gear do other people that carry these cameras have in their arsenal?

Of course i will always have my trusty P&S as a backup, but I can't imagine the reach of that thing is not going to be compensated by a step forward/backwards.

What do you guys think?

Lots of people will have opinions, but I could not live with a fixed lens camera as my only camera, and I found the X100 expensive for a "secondary" camera.

But for many people the X100 was perfect. It really depends on your style, choice of subject and destination. For architecture and portraits it's not great, landscape and street is fine, though I like a longer option for the latter sometimes.

But if you look through your last 1000 shots or so, check which focal lengths they were taken at. If many of your favourite ones were all shot at 23mm (plus or minus a bit) you are probably fine. If most (like mine) vary all over the place you need a zoom or multiple lenses. By the time you add three or four lenses it gets heavy, hence a zooms are popular.

You should not really decide on which camera you want without analysis what you use it for.

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