high resolution photo slide show to DVD looks like xxxx! Need immediate help please!

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Re: high resolution photo slide show to DVD looks like xxxx! Need immediate help please!

Jen Yates wrote:

tcg550 wrote:

Try the trial version of Sony Movie Studio. Only start the project as a standard DV ntsc 720 x 460 or HDV 1280 x 720 29.97 fps.

If you want wide screen photos then size the track accordingly not the project. You will have a black band on the top and bottom.

Do not change the output size when you render it. Render it as ntsc DV windows avi. it's about 4 gb per 18 minutes. Let your DVD authoring software convert the file.

Terrible advice. You're advising the OP to render as NTSC and at a higher resolution than DVD, and then rely on another piece of software to resize again and potentially alter the frame-rate.

OP: Seriously, give up on DVD Video unless you are 100% certain the recipients need it in this format. 480 vertical pixels is simply too small a resolution to look good on a big screen... and then you've got all the issues with transcoding etc.

It works well for me and I have been doing it that way for years. DVD is still easier than explaining to people how to watch or why to watch a presentation on a computer.

I'm feeding the encoder the best possible video to encode. I have found letting the DVD authoring software do the encoding works best. This is not my method for online or computer presentations.

As the original poster found out rendering at what he thinks is the best format or what his software thinks is the best format doesn't give the best results.

My opinion and it works for me. My suggestions were free to try. If he doesn't get better results he's lost nothing but time. It doesn't take much to test with a few pictures and judge the results.

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