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Hello I shoot with a canon rebel t3i and today I went to a HUGE rummage sale and I bought Vivitar Zoom Telephoto 80-200mm f/4.0 (It was 5$ so don't give me any thing about how horrible the lens is)

Anyway want to find an lens adapter so I can use the lens. I have looked for about an hour and I can't find anything. If anybody knows about one that would be great!!!


What kind of mount is on the lens?

Canon FD, Nikon, etc.

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I am not completely sure but it says M/MD on the ring.

vivitar RL Edition 80-200 1:4.0 Macro MC No. 77401716

Alas, not all lenses can be adapted in a useful way to Canon EOS. With useful I mean an adapter that does not have any glass (lenses) inside, because all the cheap adapters with glass out here are rather poor.

Of key importance is the flange distance, see list of lens mounts

For a lens-less adapter you need a lens that has a longer flange distance than the body you want to put it on. So you will find adapters for Nikon lenses (46.5mm flange dist) that fit on Canon EOS cameras (44mm). The adapter is 2.5mm thick.

M/MD suggest to me it might be an old non- AF Minolta mount, which has a 43.5mm flange. You can't adapt that to EOS without corrective lenses. It's probably not worth it, even if you can find an adapter on ebay.  Usually cheap adapters can be found on ebay.

The only way you could adapt it to Canon is if you have a Canon EOS-M, which has a 18mm flange dist.

Best probably sell it, and try to find some cheap lens with a Nikon, Yashica/Contax, Olympus OM, or even t-mount.

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