Optical viewfinder for nx1000?

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Re: Optical viewfinder for nx1000?

snik38 wrote:

Hello, i was used to take photos with my viewfinder in my previous dslr and i feel a litle bit less stable in my shots when i am using my nx1000. I know that samsungs evf is not compatible with the nx1000 so i searched the ebay for some optical viewfinder at a fixed range ex 50mm (to use it with the 30mm lens). I found some and i am wondering, had anyone used one of these?


The above is just an example, there are a lot of similar viewfinders in ebay.


I use an NX100 or, more recently, sometimes an NX200 with hotshoe OVFs. The OVFs I use are a Voighlander 50mm (the litle round one), which I use with the NX30mm f2, and I use the Panasonic 24mm (which was an accessory for the LX3) with the 16mm or 20mm.

These were the two best quality OVFs I could find at a reasonable price point, 24mm OVFs are usually very expensive, but I bought the Panasonic for £60 new, and the 50mm, which is discontinued now for a much larger version, was about the same price. I have have been using them for about 2 years.

The Panny OVF is more or less glued to my NX100 with the NX20mm lens on it, which shows slightly more than the lens captures.

I have found that the 24mm OVF on the NX200 shows a lot of the lens barrel in it, due to the lower height of the body. This detracts from the experience a lot for me, although I prefer everything else about the NX200. Another downside is that Samsung do not have an option to switch off the rear screen, which again somewhat detracts from the experience IMO.

I love using good quality, bright OVF's without any information in them. It certainly helps me to get to know instinctively how the camera with behave. The NX200 + 30mm + Voightlander 50mm OVF is a great (coat) pocket camera, which I use a lot.

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