Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

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Re: Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

PrimeUser wrote:

I had not planned on buying a new P&S this weekend, I already have the Panasonic LX5 and Nikon D90......but we are already planning our vacation for this year ( Banff NP ) so I need a good quality P&S, will most likely sell the LX5 on eBay.

I usually spend weeks or months researching camera purchases, so I hope the 2 days I spent reading stellar reviews about the RX100 prove to be correct!

I liked the 1'' sensor, retractable lens with no separate cap.

Sounds like the battery may last long enough and 2nd one may not be needed?

Am assuming the RX100 will produce out of the camera JPG's at least as good as the LX5 and better....

I am about three days ahead of you having bought an RX100 last thursday.  Otherwise I have Olympus equipment E5 and a couple of PENs.

My biggest concern was whether I would be able to see the LCD in bright light - I have set it up on manual/+2 and this works fine even in bright sunlight.

This is my first Sony camera, so it has taken some time to set it up.  Lack of a decent manual was a bit of a pain, but I got all I needed here:  http://www.physics.byu.edu/faculty/colton/Sony%20RX100%20User%20Guide.pdf

So far I am very impressed with the camera. Image quality excellent.  Focus blisteringly fast.

Only thing I am unimpressed with is the front control ring - very stiff to turn.  However the rear ring does the same functions very nicely.

I bought a spare battery. It is tiny so easy on the pocket as indeed is the camera.

I hope you are as pleased with yours as I am with mine....


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