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Re: Daniel, I do get your point

Lin Evans wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

Why did the DP1M lens turn out to be not as good as the others? Isnt the wide angle lens the most important since the Foveon is well suited for landscape photography?

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Actually, the DP1M lens is excellent, it's just more difficult to make a wide angle lens which is totally free from CA. The CA is firmware and software controlled very well, but regardless of who makes the lens, the wider the more problems. I would say that the DP1 Merrill lens is as good as anything else out there, but the DP2M and DP3M lenses are simply incredible.

Actually, excellent landscapes are frequently done with less than extreme wide angle. It's easier in my experience to stitch several medium wide images because of less peripheral distortion correction necessary. Of course there are "some" instances where stitching isn't practical, but in the majority of cases, stitching actually allows the photographer more leeway for achieving excellence in landscapes than a wide angle lens. In my experience, with a really wide angle, the detail loss to perspective correction is greater than the loss to stitching so I really prefer my DP2 Merrill for landscapes to my alternatives with wider FOV.

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The two problems I have with stitching are firstly that it makes angled filter use harder and secondly that it makes strong composition harder.

Ok you can argue the second can be overcome with enough skill but personally the vast majority of the stitching I see consists of panoramas without any clear focus, your typical extensive view from a lookout.

I'll often stich for those kinds of subjects but personally the vast majority of my wideangle use for landscapes isnt about extensive views its capturing either reasonable close elements(trees, fields, hillsides, paths etc) and/or cloud formations, both of which need exact placing to be effective.

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