You told me so!

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Re: You told me so!

I'll start with....that my D700 had no issues whatsoever​ and outside of using my rocket, I never had to have it 4 years.  Then again, I didn't go and buy one the day these appeared in the store.  I looked at the D800 and D600 issues and decided to skip it, even though I could use it on the upcoming trip.

The argument about $30K cameras is totally lopsided....they are made quite well and pretty much require no customer service (same goes for RR).  The issue is QC and that's why CS is being beaten up.  Have they released the camera month later, we likely would not see any of those issues.  Perhaps you don't get the same level of a product (various shortcuts exist) as say $3K or 6K rig, but Nikon's rather slow mo approach is rather telling.  Sure they may lose face (to a degree) by fessing up, but instead they are falling on their face, because the person that bought an item with problems, he/she will tell all the people that they come in contact with.  OK, maybe not entirely, but it does not appear that Nikon used their smarts to supress this sort of drama effect.  I mean, hello ?  How long have the company been around ?


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