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Re: remove blue cast in Lightroom

Thanks Allen. When I post submissions now, at least usually, I wont "Play it Safe" any more. I want people to know, that when they see my name, they will purposely look to see what it is and what has been done. So yes, very much uninhibited and am glad you noticed that too!

Also, when I see your name, I always peek because I know from history there will be a good edit there too.

PSPX5 I feel is second to none right now in power, flexibility and price point. A "true" 16 bit (although not quite completely functional) editor. Sometimes for $29.95!!!!! I mainly use CorelDraw, but dabble in PSPX5 when I need certain tools. I have completely given up on everything Adobe now except Lightroom.

Look forward to seeing more of your edits.....


Allen Gerdes wrote:

I use PSPX5 almost exclusively, along with plugins, for most of my retouching. I do have Photoshop CS3 and know how to use it, but seldom do, because PSPX5, a least to me, is much more intuitive.

I have been impressed with the approach you have taken on many of your retouching submissions....they show that you have an artists "eye" and an uninhibited way of editing images.


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