Zeiss 135mm f2 Apo Sonnar Review in Zeiss Images:

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Re: Zeiss 135mm f2 Apo Sonnar Review in Zeiss Images:

Dodi73 wrote:

resident wrote:

I ordered one last week as well, my first Zeiss lens.

My supplier estimates a 2 month wait and says her Zeiss rep told her they are already running late, whatever that means, I'm in Australia by the way.

Looking forward to receiving one and think it will be great as a portrait lens in Studio.

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badui bourizk

Hmmm may I share a thought?

While of course it will be a superb portrait lens overall, I hope you won't find a bit limiting its focal length in a closed studio.. Either you have a very large room or you might feel restricted to very tight framing of your models... Probably a 100 would have worked better there. Surely a zoom might be more versatile, or a double body if you use primes. I bet the one who'll sell first a 75-150 F/2.8 (shorter, lighter, better corrected and cheaper) or a 90-135 F/2 will make a lot of money.

Actually, I have the 50 and the 100 and I'm waiting for something in the 70/75 range (why not makro 1:2 with 67mm filters) and a 180mm for tele shots and candids (not for studio, thought, unless exterior shots are the matter of shootings).

When I studied in Milan, I realized the range between 75 and 135 was already enough for what I needed and everything above 100mm forced me to step back if I wanted to frame more of the model. I found the focal length between 90 and 100mm the overall best and most used for my work. At the time I had the Tamron 90, my second best tele ever.

Then, while superb, the 135 actually is useless to me, I couldn't justify both 100 and 135mm.

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All the best from northern Italy, Dino.
I'm on the NIK side of photography.

Hey Mate,

I have two bodies so will mount it on one and another lens on the other.

Currently the 70-200mm is my favorite for studio work and as you said a zoom is better, but have wanted to purchase a Zeiss for a while so when I heard of this I though now was a good time...I use the 85mm Nikkor as well. I think the 135mm will be a good fit between them.



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badui bourizk

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