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Yes, one of the best street pictures I took at ISO5000, was when I preset the aperture, shutter speed and ISO (to auto). I took a picture of a street performer jumping over a three foot fence (head first) on a cloudy day. It was a dangerous move, over asphalt...but I froze the fellow in mid-air over this fence using ISO5000 (I think it was at 1/1000th of a second). It was at Portland Oregon's Saturday Market sometime last year.  The photo turned out extremely well with no noise seen when resized.  I'm guessing that the noise level would have been similar to what I have seen at ISO800 in the Olympus E-510.  With 18 megapixels, I've heard it said that there's so much resolution, that any noise is "washed away", whether printing or resizing (depending on the size).  In other words, the image is very usable.  At ISO6400 there's too much noise for my taste, but it's doable if it's absolutely required to avoid motion blur etc.

Yesterday I took street photos at ISO1600 at the same place. Usually, I don't go higher than that, unless I have very poor lighting conditions and if I need high shutter speeds for lots of action. I'm still a JPEG shooter, and just post process in IrfanView. I rely mostly on what I can capture at the time with proper exposure etc., so I don't spend a lot of time post processing. With that, I assume people could do better than I with post processing shooting RAW.

The Canon T2i (550D) image quality is very similar to the Canon 7D. It's the "poor man's" (or woman's) Canon 7D. I believe that with the Canon 7D and Canon 60D that the ISO levels can be set directly in smaller increments (with aperture or shutter priority etc.). For me to be able to utilize the smaller increments in the Canon T2i, I must shoot in M mode with auto ISO.

My photos are shown each week in the Rebel "Show Your Snaps" thread. My latest Polar Plunge pictures were shown three weeks ago, where I used ISO1600 for a lot of them (the EXIF data is available). I was very pleased at the outcome, considering that we had cloudy weather. It was one of those grey drab days. I was thinking about showing some of yesterday's street photos tomorrow. I like taking pictures of many different things, so there's lot of variety with what I show. I did enjoy over four years with Olympus; was known for my skill with the Zuiko 70-300mm lens, but I mostly hung out over at the OTF (Olympus Talk Forum).

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