Nikon 200-400mm + TC1.7 or Nikon 300mf4 +TC1.7+D7100

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Rich Dykmans Senior Member • Posts: 2,532
Re: I'd forget using the 200-400VR/1.7TC for distant subjects.

RBFresno wrote:


I'm not sure that I have all the answers for you.

But based on my experience with the 200-400VR and the optically better TC 1.4, I personally wouldn't use the TC 1.7 on the 200-400VR and expect decent results, particularly if you are using it for distant subjects. I'm talking strictly about image quality. Even if the combination focused well, I'd have no interest in using the 1.7TC on the 200-400VR for distant subjects.

I didn't even like the image quality using the TC 1.4 on the 200-400VR for distant subjects.

Maybe I'm too picky......


I would agree with what RB is telling you above.  The other thing I noticed when using the TC1.4 and 1.7 on the 200-400 VR2 I had was that zooming to around 380mm gave maximum sharpness with either one and dropped considerably at full zoom.  The 300 f4 + 1.7 is close to the 200-400 + 1.4 but the lack of VR dropped the keeper rate (at least for me)

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