Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

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Re: Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

kcamacho11 wrote:

PrimeUser wrote:

I had not planned on buying a new P&S this weekend, I already have the Panasonic LX5 and Nikon D90......but we are already planning our vacation for this year ( Banff NP ) so I need a good quality P&S, will most likely sell the LX5 on eBay.

I usually spend weeks or months researching camera purchases, so I hope the 2 days I spent reading stellar reviews about the RX100 prove to be correct!

I liked the 1'' sensor, retractable lens with no separate cap.

Sounds like the battery may last long enough and 2nd one may not be needed?

Am assuming the RX100 will produce out of the camera JPG's at least as good as the LX5 and better....

Congrats on your purchase. The RX100 is my favorite camera, and I happen to own a D7000 and a Fuji X-E1.

The D7000 has great image quality, but lacks video capabilities, size, weight, lens sizes and AF isn't completely reliable.

The X-E1 shoots great photos but its video isn't anything special and its AF is just horrid, especially in average/low light situations. Furthermore, Fuji really lacks in lens lineup.

The RX100, although not having the APS-C sensor...delivers what I need and much more.
It is extremely small, light, has a great fast lens, and gives me awesome image quality (you cannot tell it apart from a DSLR), and superb HD video. On top of that, it is 20MP and you can crop away without losing quality.

I am not saying that the RX100 is better than any larger sensor mirrorless camera out there or better than a DSLR. Everyone has their tastes and their needs for what they shoot. I am not a pro, but a serious hobbyist who cares about having great quality pictures in family gatherings, events and vacation. So for MY requirements, the RX100 absolutely delivers. I'm in love with it.

As far as battery life, it lasts pretty long. I have only taken it out a few times. In one day at the zoo I got over 200 shots with it and still had 75% battery life....BUT...I would purchase a 2nd one to keep it handy just in case. You can get a third party one in Amazon or Ebay for about $15. I got one of those and it works just like the Sony one without any issues.

Read the manual, and get accustomed to it. Yes it is small and compact, but it does have its learning curves. Once you get used to it, you will love it just like I do. The best part about it is, that it is a FUN to shoot with. You will feel like taking it everywhere with you.


I have an RX100 which is great and I also own a D7000. When I just read that the AF is not always reliable, I totally agree. I have been so frustrated with my D7000 at times of bad focus wasting a good picture.

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