Farewell, Olympus :(

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Contemplating a FF camera...or a crop camera

Dave, the OP was also considering a crop camera, such as the Canon 7D when he said, "as for me, I've been checking out the D800 and 5D Mark III, as well as the 7D on the Canon side".

The Canon 100-400mm grade L lens is F4.5 to F5.6, and the cost is as low as $1499 (USD)...maybe lower if there's a special price (the last time I checked). That's plenty good enough, when you can get to ISO5000 without any problem. With my wildlife pictures, I stop down the lens a lot anyway (whether I'm using Olympus or Canon DSLR cameras). Today, I was using ISO3200 and ISO4000 at F13 for a hummingbird with my Canon DSLR. I was so close to the hummingbird that it became a macro in my photo. In other words, the hummingbird in the picture was about two times its actual size (with some cropping). Even with our typical cloudy weather (that we had then unfortunately), the picture was beautiful. Well, I got more than one picture. When that hummingbird landed so close (about four feet away), I just fired off a number of shots. They were great, because any time that hummingbird moved its head around, the colors around the neck changed to that bright red iridescent color on a green and light brown body. The only negative, was that my background wasn't the best, but that's hard to control. I suppose it could be changed in post processing, but I normally don't do that.

I'm just using an inexpensive Canon kit telephoto lens until I can afford more after changing systems. My maximum reach is 400mm EFL, but I have 18 megapixels to crop with. If anyone pixel peeks the Canon images at ISO4000 or ISO5000...yes, we'll have noise but it's minimal to the point that the picture is very usable. (I think the Canon ISO3200 to ISO5000 noise is similar to ISO800 in the Olympus E-510.) I'm waiting to hear about the Canon 70D, and some day I'd like to get the Canon 100-400mm L lens or maybe a newer one that is rumored. I'm still open to Olympus as I haven't sold my Olympus gear, but Olympus is just not moving fast enough to keep up with the advancements from other brands...at least not for now...we'll see what they do in the future.

I don't know if you are curious how I picked ISO3200 and ISO4000 for wildlife pictures...with my camera, I can set the shutter speed and aperture in M mode. Then I set the ISO level to auto. Since we were getting some sun mixed with clouds (but mostly clouds), I couldn't change the settings fast enough for a group of small birds that were landing all around me in the branches of some nearby trees. So, this became convenient and my keeper rate was phenomenally high. I only deleted the images in my camera when I couldn't capture the bird's eye or if there was any motion blur etc. I set the shutter speed to 1/250th of a second.

As an architect, I suspect that you are very logical and precise and what you have determined is accurate. But sometimes we have to step away from what we read, and try it to find out how well it does on our own. I didn't want to move from Olympus, but I thought the only way I was going to find out how the other side operates, was to join them for a long time...get the feel of it...look at the positives and negatives. Beyond, the charts or graphs or what people say, there's alternatives out there that are going to be better than what Olympus presently offers. But you have to try them to see. Since there's a learning curve any time anyone changes system, renting a camera/lens for the weekend isn't going to be enough. I'm still shooting JPEGs and I found Canon to be very good in this department, just as Olympus is...that surprised me how good of a job Canon does with that. One of the positives for Olympus is their superior dust protection. I stopped or slowed that problem down by buying two Canon DSLR cameras and putting a lens on each of them, so that I don't have to change lenses. So far, after over over one year of using Canon DSLR cameras, I haven't noticed any problems with dust (and I don't look for it either).

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