Epson R3000 black ink nozzles shooting blanks

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Re: Epson R3000 black ink nozzles shooting blanks

Kurt Sonderegger wrote:

Today I switched the black ink on my Epson R3000 from gloss to matte in order to print B&W on fine art paper. I had one tiny gap in my nozzle test following the switch so I printed about half a page of pure black attempting to unclog the one nozzle. The print came out fine but the nozzle was still plugged. I went ahead and made my print and it turned out fine.
I then switched back to gloss ink and there were only about 4 nozzles total firing on the black ink. I did a head cleaning and printed another purge page and it barely printed. Another nozzle check showed about the same number firing as before - only 4!
The only other time I've ever had a nozzle plug up on me with this printer was also when changing from one black ink to another. I've been running refillable carts from in all slots except matte black. That cart is still the original Epson cartridge and is about 1/3 full according to the ink levels but is getting old. I have given it a good shake but I only thought of that after the clogging problem. With so many nozzles failing to print, I am guessing that I have introduced some air into the black ink line.
I am going to let the printer sit overnight and see what happens in the morning. I'll probably change out the OEM matte black for one from Inkjetcarts so that I know the ink is OK.
My question, and reason for posting, is to see if any of you experts out there can offer me suggestions as to what I should do tomorrow if the overnight sit doesn't help. More purge pattern prints, head cleanings, soaking with cleaning solutions? I have no experience with purging air from the lines and don't know how to go about it if that is what needs to be done.
Any help will be greatly appreciated as I love this printer and hate it when something isn't working properly.

How full is your PK (Gloss/photo black) cart?  Pull it out and physically look at the ink level.  You may have lost the ink prime in the cart if it is low on ink and that would be one reason why you are now not getting ink flow.

Bob P.

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