Really want an X-E1 but...

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Re: Really want an X-E1 but...

deckfrost wrote:

Same boat, i was planning to get the X-E1 with a 35/1.4 + the zoom but I tried it and the AF would be useless in many situations with my kids, not acceptable.

I really wanted the X-E1, great look with the 35 and super some creamy bokeh but if they dont release a X-E1s next month I ll get the OMD E-5 with the 25/1.4 and a zoom, I dont like the style/the size/the lower bokeh but it s the best choice IMO when you have kids ( and the stabilized video looks awesome).

Good luck with the OMD when capturing kids. The AF is fast, but won't be accurate for moving subjects. The OMD is the same as the rest of the mirrorless (except the Nikon 1 series) when it comes to capturing moving kids. Fast AF doesn't mean fast capture. Unless you pre-focus, you still need a dSLR for these kind of photography. I ended up selling the OMD and got the X-E1 instead for its magical IQ and just gave up on the fast AF thing.

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