Really want an X-E1 but...

Started Mar 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Todd3608 Contributing Member • Posts: 780
Re: Really want an X-E1 but...

Already tried the OMD and could not stand the ergonomics...I have large hands and could not get used to it. Plus the Olympus menu system is one of the worst I have ever seen.

Was trying not to get a DSLR but the D7100 is looking pretty good right now...

deckfrost wrote:

Same boat, i was planning to get the X-E1 with a 35/1.4 + the zoom but I tried it and the AF would be useless in many situations with my kids, not acceptable.

I really wanted the X-E1, great look with the 35 and super some creamy bokeh but if they dont release a X-E1s next month I ll get the OMD E-5 with the 25/1.4 and a zoom, I dont like the style/the size/the lower bokeh but it s the best choice IMO when you have kids ( and the stabilized video looks awesome).

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