15-85mm 'L' Upgrade?

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Re: 15-85mm 'L' Upgrade?

MAC wrote:

Cliff Horner wrote:

Hi, last year I changed from an Olympus system to Canon after receiving lots of advice on here. I went for the 7D and have never looked back. I only have two lens at the moment, the 15-85mm and 70-200 f4 L.

In three months time I am off to Cuba and really only want to carry one lens. I was going to upgrade the 15-85mm for the 24-105mm F4 L series lens purely for the reason that I want to have the best optical quality I can for the trip as I may never get the chance to return.

After reading various threads about the 24-105mm I am not so sure about upgrading now! Also due to the crop factor I am a bit worried the 24mm might not be wide enough for general street/walkaround photography whilst in the likes of Havana.

Interested in hearing some opinions/options on what I could upgrade to or should I just stick with the 15-85mm? I don't think I can cover that focal range in L series glass with a single lens!

24-105 is a downgrade on APS-c

why only carry one lens on such a trip?

I have the 70-200 F4 L, but didn't think I would use that focal range much.....could be wrong though! Would you take it, or what lens would you purchase to compliment my two existing ones? Interested in hearing different opinions and points of view.

Many thanks for the replies guys.

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