Ripoffs BL-179EP for EM5 and 14-150 lens...

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Re: The 14-150 lens...

rkeller wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

The image quality is not quite as good as the 40-150mm in its range but keep the 14-150mm at f/8 when above about 100mm and there is not much difference. Wide open at 150mm is definitely to be avoided unless very desperate for a shot.

It appears to vary quite a bit depending on one's copy of the lens. I did extensive testing with the same scene with the 14-150mm, 40-150mm, and 4/3 150mm f/2 all shot wide open. In the central 2/3 of the frame, my 14-150 did not give up anything to the other two - all 3 were tack-sharp. And the 14-150 was infinitely superior at 14mm.


Same here.  I compared the 14-150 to the 40-150 and could tell absolutely no difference.  So I sold the 40-150, which I paid $99 for, for $139 on eBay.  I love my 14-150.

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