Epson R3000 not making me happy

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Re: Epson R3000 not making me happy

Petruska wrote:

sambucadog wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

sambucadog wrote:

he same error message that I was getting last night:

"The paper source selected in the printer driver does not match the paper loaded in the machine. To print on paper, remove the CD/DVD tray or thick paper, then close the front manual feed tray."

The front tray IS closed. The paper choice is set at Cold Press Natural. The profile is set as Cold Press Natural.

This is exactly what happened last night, I continued on to print and the print came out bad. I even reloaded the printer drivers, rebooted everything and the same thing happened.

Must that paper be printed through the front loader? Is it really that thick?

I never use any other path onany of my printers even for 320 gram papers.

Stupid question but you did asign the front loader on the driver right? I knwo you did but I had to ask.

Try printing through the top feeder. Switch to it in the driver, and feed it through the top. If the driver allows you to.

Yes, paper is very thick. And yes, front loader is set everywhere. The fine art paper is absolutely supposed to be fed in front, no way on top:

I've seen that vid many times. RC is a mark for EPSON.

I can feed even 90 pound matte card stock through the top feeder without a problem and without head strikes.

Something is then wrong with your front feeder.

You say above that the front tray is closed. Isn't it supposed to be opened when printing with the front feeder?

When you were attempting to print through the front loader, did the paper even move back and forth while the printer aligned it? Or it immediately told you you had it in the wrong feeder?

There could be something physically wrong with the sensor that detects that you have the front feeder opened.

If this the only paper type you currently have?

You might need to obtain some regular thickness matte paper to test your color management settings before trying to solve the front feeder problem.

I use Epson Presentation Matte or Staples double sided matte or their premium matte. Very good results.

Send a email to Bob Petruska, he is our resident R3000 expert and has tons of experience.

There was another person in the forum with R3000 front loader problems as well, it might just be a mechanical problem.


The front loading tray must be pushed in after the paper loads. The actual door is left open. It eventually does load the paper and says it is loaded correctly. I get the message on my pc after I initiate the actual printing process. I will contact Bob. But it sounds like it's back to calling Epson tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

I read the long post and have been following it since day one.

Joe, gave you all the correct information.

To recap what you should be doing.....

1. Download the test photo that Joe gave you a link to. Use this photo only for all testing, any other photo is questionable, especailly your own.

2. Use some thin glossy paper (preferably Epson).

3. Use top feed tray.

4. Print the test photo (without any editing at all) from LR with the printer managing colors selecting Photo from the Select Setting list, and Photo Paper Glossy as the Media Type, all in the printer driver settings.

Bob, he does not want to switch to glossy again at this time as the ink levels will drop even more than they are already from previous switching so I suggested he should use either Epson Presentation or Double sided Matte or Staples Matte to keep the Matte Black active.

5. Then print the same test photo from LR with LR managing colors and use the Epson Photo Paper Glossy ICC profile from the LR profile list, select Relative intent, BP Comp. on, and use the same Media Type paper setting. and turn off color management in the printer driver Mode list.

Here are some screen shots of what the LR settings should look like when LR manages colors. Use the appropriate Epson ICC profile and paper, not the Red River ones as shown.

Use this one to confirm printer settings with color management turned off...

Both photos should be great and look extremely close to each other.

I would also suggest connect the printer direct using a USB cable at this point to rule out any wireless issues.

If you still get lousy prints, then try using another Photo Editing app such as Photoshop Elements, or Photoshop itself. They are available as free trials.

If you have a front tray issue, then all you can do is uninstall the printer, reinstall using the USB cable to see if it fixes the problem, and if you still have a front tray problem, then it's Epson support/repair time.

Good luck!

Bob P.

I did suggest you as the go to guy for the R3000 and well, pretty much anything, printing.

Thanks Bob

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