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Good Lord People...

(Why I don't visit this site for months at a time...)

The OP posted some photos demonstrating the X100s.  Aesthetic interpretation won out over technical demonstration.  As a result, the photos don't differentiate the X100s from the rest of the pack.  Oh well.

Someone else made an offhand remark about iPhones.  I don't think it was a deliberate troll, but that poster made the mistake of reacting to those that wanted it to be a troll...An unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy.

Method for demonstrations?  When I want to test or demonstrate a camera, I don't go to pretty places.  I go to ugly places that will most likely show the limitations.  I have a place I go in the DC area that has awful lighting of several different types all converging.  It's really easy to foul up a photo -- which is why I go there.  If I'm trying to figure out a camera, my aesthetic vision doesn't count at all.

Of the OP's postings in this thread, the one that intrigues me the most is the one of the guitar player against the Denver poster (you can see it in my other posting).  When I saw that photo, what I really wanted to know was how much detail was in those dark clothes.  How much did the camera capture?  How much was processed away?  That would have been an interesting bit of information to have going into my own purchase to the X100s.

As for iPhones...I have a friend who is a videographer.  Her undergraduate degree is in studio photography from some place like Stanford.  She does very, very nice work.  And she posts something from her iPhone almost every day on Facebook.  Works just fine.  Not making 13 x 19 prints (the Army calls that "troop to task").  Is taking a picture with an iPhone any worse than "crippling" (used as an example -- not pointing fingers here) the output from a "real" camera?

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