Is Your Challenge Entry a Winner?

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Re: Is Your Challenge Entry a Winner?

Very well said, and I agree with it totally, since I have no beef with technology as such. Maybe I'm conservatively on the side of those who mantain that the basics of photography still can be learned by understanding the four elementary variables, which remained the same through all times... Not many decide to do it, though, relying upon some programming to set the camera up for them, and forgetting that the basic knowlege replaces all the shooting modes, and sometimes saves critical time.

Many times I find it quicker to "cheat" the automatic setting, rather than spending time dialling the proper program, and the images are none the worse for that. But after several decades of doing it, I know what to expect, because that's what I was doing decades ago with mechanical cameras, and without light or distance metering - especially uderwater.

Where I see the problem is, a lot of people that I know go and buy a new camera every two years or so, and their explanation is, "I need something better, this one I have outgrown." What they are actually after, is some new, magic Auto Setup that would "work much better"...

Granted, those are mainly young folks, not much experience there, but plenty of eagerness to snap that one-in-a-lifetime picture. Nothing wrong with that, per se.

Still, the cameras they want to replace are way better than mine (technically), and there is no real need to invest in the material part of the hobby. But reading the ads, reports, news etc... they somehow get the feeling that the new, advanced box will be guaranteed to deliver stunning results! The industry helps them think that way, although it will never depend on the camera. An image is 90% photographer, 10% gear, and that's the way it has always been, and I guess it will so remain. That's the consequence of this sorry lack of learning the basics.

And that's also the reason for my rant, up there.

No big deal. Every school costs, and good schools cost a lot. Also, everyone learns in their own unique tempo. But you know all that.

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