Less expensive options to Light Room and Photoshop?

Started Mar 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
Tony Sx Senior Member • Posts: 2,154
Yes, indeed.

"tex" has already stated his association with Lightzone, but I have no association other than as a user. For free software - although donations are appreciated by both - I prefer Lightzone to Rawtherapee. My only complaint is a long time in the past when I was running Win2000 and Lightzone only ran on later Win software. And oddly they refused to sell me a licence for an earlier release! But at the moment you can download the last developed version - so you need WinXP or later and you get a version that you have to "keep evaluating" but you can use it forever (probably) and the warning that saved images are watermarked is not true.

It's an excellent program and I hope it comes really alive again.

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