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Re: MX1 - Time Lapse?

Malikye wrote:

photocat2007 wrote:

Malikye wrote:

anyone know what the IR ports are for? I can't find any remotes for sale for the MX1.

They are for the remote control. I don't think there is a specific remote control for the MX1, it can use the standard wireless Pentax remote control.

And it does time-lapse recording. I haven't played much at all with the video capabilities but if you look at Pentax's site. It has all the information there for you.

"capture mode includes: High Speed Movie (VGA, 120 FPS capture, 30 FPS playback),Time Lapse Movie..."!product-specs

Thank you for your reply. I did read the manual. I think "Time Lapse Movie" means some sort of video file (I'm not sure). But anyways, the PDF manual says 25 minutes is the maximum for this feature. Time Lapse "photography" can take hours and hours to do. If i wanted to do any Time Lapse "Movie", i think i can use my HD camcorder and speed it up on post processing.

Great to know about a standard Pentax remote. I will look into that. Thanks!

The MX1 sounds exactly like the Q:

a. it works with the regular pentax remote which also works for the K cameras

b. time lapse movie creates a move from intervalled pictures in-camera. I played around with the settings and: 25 minutes is not the total filming time, i guess it's the total playing time. Depending on the interval selected, filming time can be up to 99 hours. It's a very neat feature if you're too lazy to do it on the PC (like me).

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