How to lengthen depth of field?

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Re: How to lengthen depth of field?

Phil Rose wrote:

Maxence wrote:

Stay with a macro lens. they are the sharpest.

I do not believe that this is (in general) true--at least not just because a lens is called "macro". All you should expect with a "macro" lens is:

a) close-focusing ability and

b) flatness of field.

After that, you might (if you make careful choices) get good sharpness.

Get good lighting and either :

- stop down a lot, you may get by 16 a decent DOF

- or focus stack ! A bit tedious but allows any DOF

I think that another poster's suggestion, i.e., to move further away (forget about "macro"), is perhaps the best advice.

IF one moves BACK from the will produce a better DOF across the subject itself......however, then one also has to take into account that the image will probably need to be heavily "cropped" in order to bring the subject forward and to give that upfront kinda vibe, etc.

I often may shoot a product at say 200mm @ f/16 or f/22 for an enhanced DOF....when I don't wish to stack.

However, one does have to take into consideration the desired "subject perspective" and the crop required to provide it.

Here's a good example.

I was about 12 feet back (@ f/22) from the subject on this shoot.

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