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Ariston wrote:

ricky1981 wrote:

I have lurked on here for ages but signed up just to say thanks for posting the images. I really like the look and whilst I'd love some SOOC shots as well, I think you've got a great style to the shots posted. As for comparing an iPhone 4 to any modern camera, words fail me, I have an iPhone 5 and it's okay for snapshots but it's not going to serve any serious photographer in the same way as even a decent compact let alone something like the X100S.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on the AF speed as I've read mixed things and it's one of my main reasons for wanting the X100S over the X100.

if you want my honest answer about the x100s, I can say that the X100s AF is significantly improved over the X100. somehow as fast as the EM-5 in some areas. what I liked about it is the responsiveness. IQ is pretty much as expected but much more to offer, somehow pretty makes me forget about the RX1.

Awesome, that's great feedback. I don't need lightning-fast AF but I did find the X100 a bit too slow especially when I have a 2 year old running around! I love the quality of the images and something about the X100 just made me want to get out and take photos.

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