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You still don't get it......

tedolf wrote:

The first two photo's differ in exposure by about 1/2 F stop.

Both are over exposed.

This happens in bright sun unless you use spot metering or select an appropriate scene.

This exposure differs (lower) by about two F stops from yours. The camera metered for the water which wasn't as dark as the scene your camera metered. Also, the photographer didn't dial in + 0.3 EV like you did to make the exposure even worse.

Please understand, respectfully that u 4/3 cameras are designed for amature photographers-not beginers. You have to understand things like exposure, effect of backlighting and exposure compensation if you are going to take the camera off i_Auto.

It is obvious form the above that you do not understand those things.

So, leave the camera on i-Auto or select a scene (e.g. Beach/Snow) or dedicate yourself to learning about basic photography.

Take a class, read a book, etc.

If you don't want to take a class, a good place to start is Kodak's How to take Better Photographs.


Guys don't think theese are my only pictures and I shoot all of it at same settings. I posted them because they have same settings and they look diferent. I have a lot of photos with same scenes and different settings and when lowing the exposure(in sunny days) the things go even worse. The sky looks much more darker and cloudy instead of bright and blue. And I made this configuration of the contrast saturation and sharpness because I read a post in that forum where a lot of people using PM1 recommend such a settings. But for me the photos looks best when the saturation is +1, sharpness 0 or -1 and contrast +1. Also I have my NR off and "warm colours" off - also recommendation of pm1 users. In fact yesteray I find my photos greater when boosting the red at +2 Also in bright and sunny days I use my WB at "sun"

I'm posting another two pictures in diff exposures.

Ok, unfotunatelly I don't have the same scene in 0,00 EV which would be the best maybe, but from these two tell me wich one you like better. Personally I like better the overexposed one. Probably most of you would say the first one, but excluding the sky wich looks a little bit better in the first photo, the other details look darker. I have a lot of pics taken with diff setting but I can't post them all.

I'm new to photography and I'm trying to learn. Allready read couple of articles about the basic photography. I'm understanding the theory but maybe I'm not used to practice it yet.

And about the iAuto mode. I don't like it. Especially the landscape mode. The sky there looks great so as water but everything else is bluish too

And not in last place, thank all of you for your fast and usefull responds

the camera settings in the first two shots were not the same. The combined shutter speeds and aperture settings resulted in exposures that differed by about one F stop.

You don't understand that do you.

That is why you can't fix it or control your camera.

Go back to i-Auto until you learn how shutter speed, aperture and film speed (ISO) effect exposure. You should also learn how EV steps work and what they mean before you take the camera off i-Auto


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