RX1's low light AF "problem"

Started Mar 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Has SONY been quietly altering the firmware?

Michael Hoefferle wrote:

I rented an rx1 and an omd from lensrentals.com last month and the AF was acceptable/not great for the rx1 and great for the omd. But, the image quality and tactile qualities of the rx1 just killed the omd... and I couldn't get it out of my head. Anyway, I ended up buying the rx1 and got it a few days ago. What the best news is that my new copy's autofocus is wonderful! Way better than the rental unit. Not I just spent 2800 dollars so I've convinced myself it is great. I have yet to miss-focus once since using it and I've been shooting in a lazy arms out kind of way. It's way better that the xe1 I used to have in terms of IQ and focus.

This might mean that there is a discrepancy between individual copies, or early vs. late copies. No idea. Anyone have an idea?

My experience now is very much akin to what Steve Huff describes. No miss-focusing or back-focusing. Just lock and pow. Even f2 shots are easy to achieve focus where I want it. This camera is just great. The Sony is a pleasure to use. No question. As an aside, I really have not liked a Sony product since my yellow waterproof Walkman in the '80's. In fact, I had a Sony phone for awhile that was awful in every way.

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