sell Oly 45 and keep C/V Color-Skopar 50?

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Re: Sell the Oly 45

tedolf wrote:

mh2000 wrote:

So, recognizing that I don't really use my Oly 45 much and deciding that I kind of prefer the results from my Color-Skopar 50/2.5... I was all ready to sell the 45...

Then, I looked up the prices for both the 45 and Color-Skopar and found out the Color-Skopar has gone collectable and is selling at $600+ !!!

Now I don't know what to do... the gear collector geek in me likes the idea of using a collectable sought after lens (that I already really liked), but the capitalist in me thinks take the money and just keep the 45...

My kids are kind of too old, so action shots of them is rarely a photographic need and on the tripod, either works.

...not to mention that the Color-Skopar has that Leica-like butter smooth grease on finely machined metal feel that is so easy to fetishize... ohhhhhyeahhhh!

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it is only going to go down in value and the C/V (as will all good manual lenses) go up in value.

Besides, the C/V is a lot more fun and gives photo's that "look".


It does have a much more distinctive "look" than the Oly... though the Oly is still a damned good little lens!

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