How to despeckle in Aperture?

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Re: How to despeckle in Aperture? Run ThumbsPlus on your Mac

Bluto wrote:

Back when I was a PC, I used a program called ThumbsPlus to manage my photos that had a marvelous filter to automagically despeckled photos that I scanned. i always had bright white spots and lines all over my scans -- either there was dust inside the scanner or the pictures were dusty, I don;t know which. But I didn't have time to clean each photo when I was scanning dozens of albums.

Anyway, is there a comparable plugin -- preferably free or very low cost -- that works on the latest version of Aperture?

Install VMware Fusion/Windows on your Mac so you can run "ThumbsPlus" and other PC program favorites you have. "Qimage" is a PC favorite that many run on their Macs for printing.


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