Your Holy Trinity of lenses

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Re: Your Holy Trinity of lenses

1) SEL16F28 w/UWA

Wide, flexible and sharp enough for my needs.  I haven't been disappointed by this combo yet. (I also own the WA M-mount Voigtlanders: 12/5.6 and 15/4.5, but always end up using the Sony combo, which is cheap enough to bash about without worry... AF and f/2.8 is handy for most times too).  The SEL1018 is tempting, but so expensive...

2) LA-EA2+SAL1650

Great color, super fast AF - wide, fast, accurate and long enough for 80-90% of my shooting.  The wide-end distortion is not a big issue for me, and don't mind the heft of combo.  Also very nice for video - I just wish it had stabilization.  This lens might go if the rumored G/Zeiss high-performance E-mount zooms are any good.

3) Olympus Pen-F 40/1.4

For low-light, video and a special "look".  This is one lens that goes wherever I do and is never excluded from my camera bag.  I might replace this with a SEL35F18 (which I haven't played with yet) if the Sony is able to deliver the same X-factor I get with this Pen-F gem.

OK, I also bust the 3-lens limit and normally pack one of these teles into my bag, which would have an empty lens pocket otherwise anyway:

- SEL55210 (very compact, decent lens, OSS + AF - I don't find the pictures particularly special, but usually PP can inject some pizazz if I want)

- Canon FDn 85/1.8 or Canon FDn 135/2.8 (odd choices, I know - but they're very compact, decently fast and I like how these Canons draw and color an image)

As a further cheat, I also carry an RX100.  Its used frequently when I'm doing timelapse on my 5N and still wanna take pictures while the NEX is busy.  I really need another NEX body

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