Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Should you have added...

CollBaxter wrote:

Here is what I think Olympus will do as I think I am probably as accurate as the rest of us around here:)

No E-7 or EM-7.

New full frame camera with EVF , SLT ( license for Sony) or mirror less which can use current 4/3 / m43 lenses in cropped mode . Using the largest part of the image circle possible on the current lenses . In conjunction with Sony design ( Or engineering the HG/SHG ) for a whole new range of full frame lenses which can be used by both companies on there respective mount's. Still continue to make m4/3 lenses for the light weight stuff.

( Got to stop smoking this stuff. )

... that it also would be a medium-format camera, I would have asked for your dealer phone number - that's obviously the best stuff on the market! 

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