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Re: Perhaps a little too logical for this forum ?

Christoph Stephan wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

If you have breakins during day, it means they don't wish to confront you and have to worry about witnesses. But, what if they breakin when they know your home. Are they still going to leave witnesses and you and your family unharmed? You think that maybe they are there to drop off a Christmas card?

BUT, it sounds like you are advocating the thought police. (Nanny state in its worst form)

How do you come to this conclusion? Human thought is free, and we are what we are. What I outlined was the danger of guns in the hands of us as we are (biologically).

I do have to say, just gorgeous photos and I hope you have made some large prints . Try a museum wrap on canvas.

Back to thought police. Antigunners "think" that maybe someone with a gun may "think" of  doing harm. They would like to stop him by monitoring his "thinking" The antigunners want to remove guns to avoid this  . They don't want all articles of aggression removed just guns. They will ignore the fact that a greater percentage of firearm deaths are suicides who then would just get moved to another list. A great percentage of firearm deaths occur in gang related or drugs that will still go on.

I agree with your  biologically assessment of Man. Even a rat will fight if cornered. But, human thought is not free its just undetected. You are a student statistics and you must be aware that there are many bad things out there that have nothing to do with guns.
  It is nice to converse with someone about this problem without getting too fanatical.

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