Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

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I Don't Think Is Overrated.

labalaba wrote:

I think it is a nice lens and might even buy it again one day. The thing is that the 18-55VR and 18-105VR kit lenses are quite decent and the question is whether the 16-85 is worth the premium. Obviously this is personal choice and depends on your usage and on the other glass you have available; still, some people get quite upset if you suggest that one of the kit lenses might be more appropriate.

I agree. the kit lenses have excellent glass in them and unless you are pixle peeping you will see the differences. I had the 18-55 but sold it for the 16-85, but what i never did was actually compare them before i sold the 18-55. About two weeks ago or so i went to Samy's Camera and shot with the 18-55 and honestly regarding IQ there is not much difference. HONESTLY. What i did notice was the big difference coverage at the wide angle 18mm vs. 16mm. I know is only "two" mm difference, but you CAN TELL the difference and i preffer the wider angle. I almost sold my 16-85 for personal reasons, but i still have not sold it and i might just keep it for now.

The bottom line is what you want the lens for. I chose the 16-85 over tamron or sigma 2.8, i just don't like them. Some people consider this 16-85 too expensive, but when i meditate on what i have i don't think is "overrated" (excellent optics, wide flexible range, little distortion, good VR, high built quality). Just because is not giving you a 2.8 it doesn't mean is not better than a 2.8, again, depends what you need it for. I got mine on Craigslist for $440 dollars, for that price i did not think twice about getting it.

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