Pentax DA 16-45mm f/4

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Re: Pentax DA 16-45mm f/4

Hi Ron,

I really can recommend the 16-45. I bought it with my DS in 2005 as tests showed that it had better image quality than the 18-55 kit lens. I also appreciated the 16 mm and F4 constant aperture. I never had any regret although in those days it was far more expensive than the kit lens. It is sharp and has high contrast. Distortion is quite ok except at 16 mm but can be corrected easily with software. The same is true for CA.

In fact I'm already at my third 16-45, the first I had many years but got Jordanian desert sand in it and lost its sharpness. The second one I only had a few months before I dropped it on a tile floor, I wrote about this earlier ( Now I'm on my third and still happy with it. It is now on my K5 which I bought a year ago.

So I didn't buy the Tamron although a family member is happy with it on his Canon 40D. The extra stop is a benefit as is 50 mm, 45 mm is rather short. But I guess going from 45 to 50 does not really help a lot.

18-55, 16-45 or 17-50? It depends on how much importance you assign to image quality, speed or wide vs tele. I'm more a wide guy, owning also a 12-24 while 135 mm is my largest tele.

If you tend to the Tamron it might be worthwhile to check photozone,de. There both the stabilized and the older non-stabilized version are tested (on a Nikon). Photozone also tested the 18-55 and 16-45.



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